Exploring the New Property

Near the end of December we moved to a new house. Today we had a smidgen of sunshine and spent the afternoon outside. In January I finally got my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T3, bear with me as I learn to use it :)

IMG_0633 IMG_0714 IMG_0712 IMG_0727 IMG_0740



From the Mouths of Babes


“Oh hi mama!” Jax is looking up at me with a slick little smirk when I walk into the bathroom and see that he has thrown all the bath toys into the toilet. Or maybe he has found his sister’s candy cane and assures me “Uh huh” yeah its okay mom.

Tearful bellows of “Daaa Daaa!” come from our dark bedroom when he wants Daddy to come rescue him from bedtime and let him stay up just a bit longer.

My baby is starting to talk. Sure he has had words for months but its different now, he’s really starting to talk.

As I’m changing his diaper “No poop?” he says to me like he cant quite remember if he left a surprise in there for me or not.

“Kiiitty. Where kitty go?”
“Where is the kitty Jax?”
“I no know!?”
Into the bedroom he runs and flops down on his belly to peer under our bed.
“There is!”
He gets up and looks at me “Reh ee?”
“Go go go go go!” and he’s off down the hall doing his over-the-top crazy run, giggling, and checking to make sure I’m chasing him.





Methods to Help Children Cope With Military Deployment

Not being a “military brat” myself, I have never had to deal with my parents having to go far away for long periods of time. However, my husband’s father was in the Navy which left just him and his mother at home frequently and, although those years of having his mom all to himself are precious memories, he was never fond of his dad being overseas. This subject is also currently close to our hearts because our good friends and neighbors are currently at the beginning of a two year long deployment. My own daughter was devastated at the loss of her best friends dad and he’s not even our family so imagining how his own family feels is almost too abstract for me to grasp.y friendly product reviews and giveaways.

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Back to School Style


We are gearing up for back to school around here. Miss Madz will be starting Kindergarten in September and Little Lex will be a big first grader. Their backpacks are stocked with school supplies and laying in wait, they have an abundance of new school clothes, and today my little girl decided she wanted to get her “back to school” haircut.

I was pretty surprised when she said she wanted it short and I think that it hurt me more than her to see it go. It took until she was 2 to even have a reasonable head of hair, so the hair she had now has been a work in progress pretty much her whole little life.

back to school little girl hairstyle

back to school little girl hairstyle

back to school little girl hairstyle

hair4 hair5

She has an amazing confidence that I have never myself possessed. You can tell by her face that she loves it! I think her hair turned out great and fits her well.

Do your kids get a new ‘do each fall or just as needed?



Wordless Wednesday


Time to get in front of the camera instead of just behind it. Someday I hope my kids will be glad to have pictures of themselves with their mama.