Pianissimo Fitted Diaper Review


As a member of a local cloth diaper swap Facebook group, I sometimes come across deals that are too good to pass up, especially if I don’t have to pay shipping. In February, I bought three Pianissimo fitted diapers from a local mama and they are some of my favorite for the price and how they work. The ones I got are a size medium which fit about 17-30 lbs, perfect for my chunky 22 lb baby at 8 months old.


Fitted diapers do not have PUL inside meaning that a cover is required in order for them to be waterproof. This is good because sometimes during the day I would rather Baby J go without a cover for extra breath-ability on his bum and I can also use them at night time with a cover and they are virtually bulletproof. I have found that when I use whichever absorbant material inside a cover it always works better than if the PUL is sewn in, as in pocket diapers and AIOs.

Because I got these second hand, I can’t be certain of their content but the ones currently stocked in her store have two soakers, each three layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece topped with cotton velour, for a total of eleven layers of absorbency in the wet zone and the outside is soft minky. Here are some of the features as shown on the Pianissimo store website:

Photo Credit: Pianissimo Cloth

I have two diapers that are turned and top-stitched and one that is serged. I don’t think I see much of a difference in whether one is more comfortable than the other, I personally prefer the T&T.


My favorite part of the diaper is the fit. It does not have rise settings or adjustable leg settings but it still has fit wonderfully since I got it and I can tell that there is still a lot of room left to grow.

Without a cover, the front of the diaper begins to feel wet after a few hours. With a cover, Baby J has worn these overnight (up to 12 hrs) and never had a leak. He is not a particularly heavy wetter but since the entire diaper is absorbent, it is capable of holding a lot of liquid.


The only complaint I have about these is that over time, they have lost their squishable softness, they are now closer to the feeling of terry cloth. This is common with the fabric and in my experience has been inevitable. I still use them and they still work just the same, they just are not the luxurious cloud-like diapers they were in their prime. I give the Pianissimo fitted diapers a 4 out of 5.  starrating

You can find more information / currently stocked diapers from Elizabeth at Pianissimo Cloth.

Do you use fitted cloth diapers? Which is your favorite?




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